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What are your needs?

Let’s discuss what your needs are and we can locate the proper accommodations that fit these needs and budget.  I live in downtown Toronto and have resided in both the east and west ends so I know the buildings very well.  Once you tell me what is required, I will have some suggestions ready for you.

Not familiar with the Jargon?

I will walk you through the rental paperwork step by step.  The documents required when putting an application for a rental unit are:

  • rental application (OREA Form)
  • credit score (full report – or
  • employment letter
  • last 2 paystubs
  • scan of drivers license or other photo ID
  • rental references



Keep in Touch

I want to stay in contact with you, so when it is about time to decide whether or not to renew your lease, I will email you to remind you about your options. Maybe you have a friend(s) looking for places to lease.  I would be happy to help.  Maybe you feel it is time to purchase instead of rent.  I can also assist you in this regard.  Whatever it is, don’t be a stranger.

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Request a Callback

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