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Selling Property with Darrell Chan


The Presentation

I’d like to meet with you, the seller, at your property to discuss what your needs are and how we are going to achieve them.  I have developed a process that has proven successful in selling properties efficiently and at the highest price.  During the presentation I will walk you through my ideas and marketing process.  I will cater to your needs and expectations.  This initial meet will also give us BOTH the chance to decide if we are the proper match for each other.

The Extras

Although I will list your property on MLS, just listing it is not enough.  In the age of social media, we need to go above and beyond.  What separates your property from the one down the street?  Every property is different, however first impressions are the most important.  When we work together, you don’t only get me – you get my team.




Showing your property in its optimum form is key to getting top dollar and a quick sale.  We have to show functionality to the largest audience that may or may not realize the potential of your property in its current state.  My staging team will come do a consultation of your property and assess what needs to be added or removed to let the magic happen.  Once we’ve figured out what it is required, the process begins.  We’ll have the property looking like something out of the movies


Professional Cleaning

Having a staged home doesn’t count for anything unless it is clean.  We want the property to look like it came straight out of a magazine!  My professional cleaning team will come and make everything look brand new, and to potential buyers this is important.  This will also show better in the photos.




Professional Photography

Have you ever seen those listings on MLS that were taken by an iPhone?  Everytime I see one of these listings, I am immediately turned off.  Looking at photos that are upside down or stretched out of proportion is not fooling anyone.  I invest in professional photographers for your listing.  I believe in only having the best and I want your listing to reflect that.  We want to wow potential buyers to want to view your property and having these professional photos will make that happen.


Professional Videographer

People are very visual and sometimes text and photographs are not enough.  For every listing, along with the professional photographs, I supply a video of the subject property.  This is not your run of the mill virtual tour that is a slide show of still photos accompanied by cheesy music, but a REAL VIDEO of your home – cheesy music optional!






Cinematic Lifestyle Video

This is something revolutionary in the real estate industry.  I am very much about being a front runner in anything I do, so a lifestyle video is a must.  For every listing, I provide a professionally shot, cinematic quality lifestyle video that incorporates your property as well as the amenities in the surrounding area.  This gives a potential buyer a better idea of what to expect when it comes to the lifestyle of the neighbourhood they will be purchasing in.  You can be in the movie!  I encourage my clients to be a part of the cinematic experience just as a keep sake for you to remember where you lived.  Be an innocent bystander or an extra having a coffee.  No one will know but you and the people you share the video with.  Take a look at some of the work I’ve done HERE.


The Negotiation

Before we list your property, we will agree on a plan and a pricing strategy specific to the type of property you have and the current market conditions.  I am very aggressive when negotiating and your best interest is always my priority.  I want to be YOUR realtor and not only for this transaction.


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